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Homeowner's Insurance

For many of us, our home is our greatest asset. Insuring it properly matters; and it pays to know if you have the right coverage before a loss occurs. Many of our clients have come to us AFTER finding out the hard way that they didn't have the right coverage, company, or agent. Let us review your coverage before it's too late to fix it!

Can You Answer These Simple Questions?

homeowner's insurance
  • Is your home insured to value?
  • What is the most your policy will pay for a total loss?
  • Does your policy protect you from water back up and for what limit?
  • How much coverage does your policy provide for theft of jewelry?
  • Does your home policy provide flood coverage?
  • If you have a household employee that works more than 26 hours a week, are you covered if they are hurt on the job?
  • Does your payment history with your insurance carrier affect your premium?

We Work Hard to Earn Your Business.

Although the standard home policy varies from company to company, there are specific areas that deserve your attention. We look at these areas and ensure you know what is and isn't covered on the policy. We also price the coverage for the gaps we find, so that you can decide to purchase additional coverage, or self-insure for those items. It is much easier to accept the consequences of an uninsured loss if you knew about it up front.

We consider ourselves educators rather than sales people. We didn't create the system of personal insurance, but we do understand it, and try to help you navigate it successfully to keep your costs down and your coverage in line with your needs. Our employees are all licensed agents who understand the companies we represent and the types of coverage we offer. When it comes to claims, we involve ourselves in the process so that you are not left alone to deal with the insurance company adjuster.

Just ask any of our clients — you get what you pay for at Sachs Walsh Insurance, and we work hard to earn your business.

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