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Reasons to Have General Liability Insurance

As a business owner, you may be financially responsible for incidents that occur on behalf of your business or on its property. In order to not be stuck with expenses that are substantially greater than what you can pay, getting general liability insurance may be extremely beneficial.
Property Damage    
Perhaps you own a moving company, and one of your employees ends up dropping and breaking an extremely valuable vase when providing a service for a client. The client may sue your business for the damage to the vase. If you have insurance, however, the insurance company will typically pay some or all of the cost.
Bodily Injury
Maybe someone slipped outside your business and broke their arm because you weren’t able to shovel the snow and ice early enough. That person may sue your company for negligence. If you have insurance, though, the insurance company pay to pick up the cost.
Personal Injury
Many business owners try to do their best to operate their business as ethically as possible. Nevertheless, incidents may occur. Maybe you are being sued for something improper you may have said to a client, or maybe you have wrongly evicted a tenant. Instead of going to court, your insurance company may choose to settle with the injured party.
As careful as you try to be, your business may face various problems and general liability insurance can help during those times. Call Sachs Walsh Insurance to learn more about general liability insurance.

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