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4 Reasons You May Need Additional Insurance While Moving

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Moving day is almost always more complicated than you expect, even when you add professional movers and a roomy storage unit into the equation. But you don't need to add extra worries to the physical, emotional, and mental exertion that moving day requires. Whether you're moving house or moving belongings into a storage unit, insurance can really save the day.
Make sure you have as much insurance as you need to cover any mishaps so you can focus all your attention on the tasks before you. Contrary to what many people believe, the coverage you already have (plus what the moving company guarantees) is unlikely to be enough. Here are four reasons you may need additional insurance while moving.

1. You May Need Additional Insurance to Drive a Truck

Sometimes, driving the moving truck on your own may be the right decision for you and your family. It allows you to keep control over your belongings at all times, saves having to pay for a driver, and can even save fuel during your move if you tow your family car behind the truck rather than driving it separately.
If you decide to drive the moving truck yourself, you'll need to consider your own liability and safety while doing so. Your regular insurance may not cover you for truck driving. Check your policy to ensure you have enough coverage.

2. Coverage From Your Moving Company May Not Match Your Belongings' Value

Technically, the coverage moving companies offer doesn't count as insurance; it's more like a guarantee that they won't break anything. If you choose the full coverage option, that means you're entitled to the value of any item that's destroyed on its way to the storage unit or new house. But even so, your idea of how much it's worth may not match the mover's idea.
In addition, the full coverage option may cost extra, which leads many families to opt for the released coverage option. This is an option where you get hardly any compensation if something is broken; in fact, it's only 60 cents per pound. If you take out insurance with an insurance company, you can insure your belongings for their actual value.

3. Some Belongings Are Especially Vulnerable While Moving

There's always an increased risk to your belongings during transportation to and from a storage unit. The same can be said for transporting belongings to your new home. While on the road, your possessions can be subjected to temperature and humidity extremes and jostled around.
No matter how much bubble wrap you use, there's always a small chance that a huge bump in the road will jolt one of your wine glasses just wrong and crack or shatter it. And anytime you venture out onto the open road, there's a small chance of a wreck. To allow for the increased risk for your fragile possessions, add insurance to protect you on the chance of a collision.

4. Valuables May Need Individual Protection

Storing and moving heirlooms, collectibles, and antiques can be a worrisome business. Even if the items aren't shatter-prone, it's always a good idea to insure them against breakage, theft, and other risks that go hand in hand with moving and storage. Adding insurance to these items individually can help you protect not only their market value but also their sentimental value.
These four reasons show how valuable various insurance policies can be to homeowners and renters during a move. Whether you decide to place some of your items in storage during your move or not, be sure to look into insurance options well in advance of moving day. 
For more information on insurance plans that can make your move easier and give you peace of mind, get in contact with Sachs Walsh Insurance today.

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